Our Partners


Our first and foremost partner. We are here because of you, for you, and to support you through your divorce. If you are going through a divorce, let us be your partner when you need it the most. We will ensure you have a smooth and easy “split”.
Call us, email us, or fill out our online form here.  And remember, there is no cost to partnering with us.

Our Network of Experts in Divorce

Our Network of Experts in Divorce…
Lawyers, Family Therapists, Child Support Services, Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Agents, and Financial & Estate Planners all tuned into your needs. They know all the secrets to a happy divorce.

We do not list each of our professional partners on this site because there are many of them across the country, and the list is always growing. But rest assured, we will find the right partners for you, based on YOUR unique requirements.

Join our network!  Email us here.  And remember, there is no cost to joining our roster.

Our Network of Experts in Divorce

We're Growing
We have a strong and expanding presence in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. And we are growing! We are planning to develop networks in other provinces, as well as into the U.S.A. very soon. If we are not yet in your city, give us a call and we’ll find divorce partners for you where you are.